Govee Holiday Decorating Guide 2021

July 19, 2022

One of the most timeless family traditions for Christmas is decorating your home. By the time Thanksgiving festivities are over, it's time to rummage through the storage in the attic, garage, or basement to pull out the tree and decorations. The living rooms might be filled with treasured ornaments, long rows of multicolored garlands, and of course, decorative lights. Here's a question: do you usually start inside with the living room or outside your home on the roof? Whatever the case might be, Govee is here to help you find the decorative lights you need for your home or to buy for someone on your list.

Two Ways To Control

Do you have a smart home device? Most of our lights support Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control your lights without lifting a finger. You can use the Govee Home App to access modes such as DIY to customize your lights or music sync to pair your lights to your favorite holiday entertainment.

Indoor Lights

First, let's take a look at our indoor lighting options. Whether you're putting lights around the Christmas tree or along the fireplace with the stockings, we've selected our favorite indoor lights to bring a warm and colorful atmosphere to your holiday festivities.

Make Delightful Christmas Creations With Aura

If you're looking for a nice addition to your desk or nightstand, look no further than the Aura Smart Table Lamp. Not only can you adjust the colors and brightness, but you can also sketch fun designs directly on the lamp using the Finger Sketch feature. We think this will encourage users of all ages to fully express their creativity. You can even share your creations with the Govee Community. After all, sharing is caring no matter what time of year it is. 

What We Recommend

  • Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

Govee Store Link:

Enjoy Your Favorite Holiday Entertainment With Glide

What if we told you that we have a light that allows you to enjoy holiday classics like never before? "Bah Humbug," you say? Certainly not until you've tried the Govee Glide Wall Light. One of the coolest features about this light is that you can customize your design with 7 interchangeable modular pieces as well as a corner piece. Place it above your TV or computer monitor and witness the RGBIC difference.

What We Recommend

  • Govee Glide Wall Light

Govee Store Link:

Brighten Your Home With RGBIC LED Strip Lights

Our RGBIC LED Strip Lights are a popular option for indoors and outdoors. Why? That's because unlike traditional RGB lights, our strip lights contain an IC (independent control trip) which allows you to control multiple lights at once. You can wrap them around your Christmas tree as a complement to your garlands and ornaments or hang them along your porch to help Santa find your home on Christmas Eve. These strip lights are available with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi+Bluetooth options.

What We Recommend

  • Govee RGBIC Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LED Strip Lights (5m & 10m)

Govee Store Link:


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