Govee RGBIC Night Light
Govee RGBIC Night Light
Govee RGBIC Night Light
Govee RGBIC Night Light
Govee RGBIC Night Light
Govee RGBIC Night Light
Govee RGBIC Night Light

Govee RGBIC Night Light

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Model: H6057

Help your infant, toddler, or young child fall asleep faster and more soundly with our night light. This soothing light is ideal for bedrooms and nurseries with a rechargeable battery and a diverse library of white noises.

  • Stunning RGBIC Color: 54 animated scene modes to captivate your children.
  • Fun Gaming Mode: Overlay colors with accompanying sounds per tap.
  • Soothing White Noise: 21 sounds lull your baby to sleep.
  • Convenient Bedtime Use: Set timers, brightness, and color temperature via app.
  • Bedtime Music Player: A 360 music experience.

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We offer a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase for Govee RGBIC Night Light.

Product Guides and User Manual (PDF)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Emma Burton

Absolutely gorgeous little night light. My 10 week old baby boy adores it, even helps my wife sleep the bundled charging station is fantastic, its bright, great app control, game mode (well my 3 year old loves it) lasts ages on a charge, and the ability to Bluetooth music to it. Is the icing on the cake. Oh... And so well built 5***** thanks Govee

Abigail Bell

I absolutely love it. The sleep mode has really helped get me to sleep quicker and it helps me go into a better sleeping pattern for the night. So easy to control and so many pretty colours and relaxing sounds!

Almost perfect

I bought this product specifically for decoration, even though its for infants, but its great!

The features on this device are good for what its meant for, but it lacks features such as drawing your own patterns, playing custom music and adding your own gradients like you can on other devices such as the smart tall floor lamp.

The lights are super bright and the speakers are good enough quality for what its for, the battery life also lasts a long time.