Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1
Govee LED Strip Light M1

Govee LED Strip Light M1 [Energy Class G]

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Model: H61E1 & H100E (1m Extension Light)

*H61E1 shipped from 11/23/2023 support Matter.

Get ready for a unique set of strip lights with RGBIC lighting and white lighting for the brightest lighting to help you study or host special events with family and friends.

  • Connectable LED Lights: This light can be spliced up to 32.8ft (10m).
  • Ultra-High Lamp Bead Density: 60 LEDs per meter
  • RGBIC with White Lighting: Improve the brightness in any space.
  • Multiple Controls: Control the lights while you are away.
  • Group Control: Control other Govee lights simultaneously.
  • Versatile App: 64+ scene modes, music mode, DIY, and more.

We offer a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase for Govee LED Strip Light M1.

Customer Reviews

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Julie Hallsworth
Led strip lights

Fantastic, I’m really happy with this purchase, we have a house full of govee lights and they are all brilliant. Easy to set up, no expensive bridge to buy. I also have Phillips hue light but much prefer the govee light. I will be adding more to my collection. Well done govee. 10/10

Paul Levy
Can’t cut them

Terrible product, had such high hopes for this having seen a lot of you tube videos.
When it says you can cut them, it fails to point out quite categorically that you can only cut after the first 3 metres.
Mine are now totally useless and in the bin, thank you Govee, not

Luke Hopkins
Awesome Govee

I have to say I'm over the moon with the M1 light strips, so much that I've extended them around the whole skirting of my living room. Looks amazing and I can't speak highly enough for the fantastic customer service I've received. Thank you.

Best on the market

I did a lot of researching before purchasing the lights for our new kitchen installation. Every smart home site that I trust pointed me towards Govee and they all got even happier when the M1s came out. There were a few who reckoned that self-assembled gear could imrove on what was provided the aggravation in sourcing, combining and installing components just wasn't something I wanted to get into. So I gave them a go.

Not only do they look great in place under the kitchen units they give great flexibility. I can match the unit colour, add highlights or leave them following a routine or matching music whilst we're in the dining room. Set-up and integration with both Amazon and Google were a doddle, although I have to say Amazon do it easier and give more control by far than Google's poor efforts. Totally stable, too and haven't lost connection in six months. Add in that the white mode gives plenty of light to actually cook with and do any kitchen jobs and I rarely use the overhead floods any more. My wife and daughter don't use them much, but they're luddites.

Govee's customer service have been great, too. Firstly we had an order go missing in the post and it was replaced very quickly no questions asked. The installation left one small section of the lights flickering and, even though I think it was the kitchen fitter at fault Govee replaced the strip.
Given the recent price drop these really area no-brainer.

I also had an older model that I'd never gotten around to installing anywhere. These are far superior. Better control, brighter whites and more vivid colours however,now that I finally got around to using them the older strip is perfectly adequate installed as a stair light. It doesn't need to be bright or animated (although it can be). So, do consider what you plan to use them for and don't buy over-powered kit for a simple job. Whichever you need, Govee have you covered.

5 stars best light strip on the market

This light strip is insanely bright, very well packaged and amazing to look at, it has so many amazing features to offer and definitely gives a great ambient vibe to any room you put it in. Definitely worth the price, purchased 3 and they definitely set the mood.