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Govee is a global leading smart home brand pursuing personalized and fun life experiences through continuous innovations since 2017, especially in ambient lighting, home appliance products, and smart IoT systems. We design it. We produce it. We make life smarter.
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Govee Envisual

Innovative zone-division color-match method enhances visuals beyond your screen. Calibrate and capture the content colors, delivering accuracy of the color matching for you.


RGBIC, Govee’s innovative light displaying technology, features advanced IC (Independent Control) chips that make multiple colors show on one strip light simultaneously. See vivid colors chasing or flowing like a rainbow. Say goodbye to boring RGB solidcolored lighting.

Govee DreamView

DreamView is a smart technology based on Govee’s IoT system. It uses light mapping to reflect screen information or music via a Bluetooth connection. It's aimed to provide users with various smart, rich, and cool lighting effects, so they can enjoy diverse entertainment to its maximum potential.

Govee Brand Timeline Govee Brand Timeline
Company Founded ·
· Govee Factory Established
· Govee Home App Launched
Annual Sales Exceed $200 Million ·
Brand Partnership with Pantone® ·
· Became monthly best-seller in Walmart
App users exceed 11 M ·
Govee X Stranger Things Products Collaboration ·
Govee X Razer Brand Collaboration ·
Govee Home User by Region
Chile, Europe, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico, Japan
Govee Home User by Region Govee Home User by Region
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About Goveelife About Goveelife

About GoveeLife

At GoveeLife, we are committed to offering effortless life experiences through our innovative smart home appliances. Launched in 2023 and operated as an independent brand from Govee, GoveeLife aims to simplify life by making smart living accessible to everyone, allowing users to enhance their lifestyle with the ease and functionality of advanced smart appliances. From energy-efficient climate control to kitchen appliances, GoveeLife's smart appliances are designed to increase convenience, optimize efficiency, and improve quality of life.