Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2
Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2
Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2
Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2
Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2
Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2
Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2
Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2
Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2

Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2

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Model: H605C

Transform the visuals on your screen using Govee's innovative TV backlight with a dual camera design and Govee Envisual technology. Experience the most eye-catching lighting effects while watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

  • Govee Envisual Technology: Zone-division capture scheme provides real-time color matching to enhance your visual experience.
  • Innovative Dual Camera Design: Upgraded dual camera design captures content 40% more accurately.
  • Enhanced RGBIC Lighting: Double the light beads for more vivid and natural lighting.
  • Enhanced Music Mode: Choose between 4 modes (Energetic, Rhythm, Spectrum, Rolling) and energize your parties.
  • Unlock Home Theater Magic: Control your T2 TV Backlight using Alexa and Google Assistant.

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We offer a two years limited warranty from the date of purchase for Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2.

Product Guides and User Manual (PDF)

Customer Reviews

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Luke Lloyd

Its quite good. But ive tried to calibrate it so many times as the bottom right corner just stays red. But its good for gaming or music


I originally had the T1 for my 65” TV and it was perfect, after tweaking the colours were perfect. When buying my new TV which was 75” I wanted the T2 and when it was in stock I got it right away.

Similar to the T1 it’s easy to install and wit the dual camera the colour matching is even better. Once I tweaked the calibration I never use the TV without it.

The legs on my TV actually slide into the back of the TV which meant I couldn’t put the light strip directly along the bottom of the TV but I managed to fit it perfectly just above the legs and it works the exact same.

Highly highly recommend :)

Phil Smith
Using with sky glass

Need an adaptor for fitting camera to top of tv as sky glass is so much thicker than a normal tv

Andrea Bittau
Excellent device

It took me some time to get the setup right but the end result is awesome. Maybe the app can be simplified

Immortal Gamer
Honestly, I expected more

The lights are great quality, but the App needs MAJOR rework in terms of matching up the colours. I’ve used the online video tutorials to match the colours but it’s no use, colours are not accurate enough, as soon as I want to adjust to a lime green or sky blue it just washes out colours. Very poor in my opinion, it needs to be simpler, because the sliders are not great. There needs to be a colour pallet or wheel to adjust the colours more accurately. The camera as great as it sounds is poor at picking up the TV, reflections, others colours, daylight and even room lights interfere with the camera because it’s way too sensitive. Honestly, I would have returned the item if I knew it was going to be this much of a hassle, I installed them only then to realise it’s not great, even though many reviews said it was colour accurate, vibrant, matches the colour on screen etc. very disappointed all in all. If you could provide help or update the app maybe then I could make the most out of it but till then, its not met my requirements. The colours it matches are very basic, like Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Pink other than that it’s not great. I’ve attached 2 photos, due to the iPhone the camera makes the colours look darker, but the Lightfall load screen is great it matches incredibly well, however, in game it’s a different story, you can see in the second screenshot I’m in orbit, everything is dark/light blue, the lights are coming out a light Teal colour, which isn’t accurate at all.