Govee LED Strip Light M1




*(7/12-7/22) Buy H61E1 and Get Free 1m Extension Light. The giveaway will no longer be displayed in the shopping cart when it runs out.

Model: H61E1 & H100E (1m Extension Light)

*H61E1 shipped from 11/23/2023 support Matter.

Get ready for a unique set of strip lights with RGBIC lighting and white lighting for the brightest lighting to help you study or host special events with family and friends.

  • Connectable LED Lights: This light can be spliced up to 32.8ft (10m).
  • Ultra-High Lamp Bead Density: 60 LEDs per meter
  • RGBIC with White Lighting: Improve the brightness in any space.
  • Multiple Controls: Control the lights while you are away.
  • Group Control: Control other Govee lights simultaneously.
  • Versatile App: 64+ scene modes, music mode, DIY, and more.
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Govee LED Strip Light M1


Govee LED Strip Light M1

Live Life In Color

Ring In Your Brightest Holiday Decor

Advanced Color 4-in-1 RGBIC+ Technology

Better natural tones | Higher lumen brightness | Richer color performance

Higher-Density 60 LEDs/m

2x Brightness
*When compared to Govee's other strip lights.
In terms of color and lumens, our LED strip lights have the most lamp beads on the market. There are 60 LEDs per meter, allowing for a wide range of colors and effects to appear more clearly on your light strip.
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Image one
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Enhanced DIY Color Control

customizable segments
Ultra-smooth animations
moving effects
Personalized color displays

Live a Colorful Life in Every Corner

  • Enjoy Home Concert Vibes

    Integrated mic for lights that dance and flow to the beats.

    Music DreamView

    Watch in awe as all your Govee lights simultaneously flow to the beats and rhythms of your playlists.

    Hands-Free Control

    Supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice control via Wi-Fi.

    Explore More on Govee Home App

    Choose from 200+ preset scene effects for easy elevated ambience. Join our vibrant app community with over 11+ million registered users.

    Install with Ease

    Clean the wall surface to make it free of dust particles.
    Estimate the positions of the control box and the power socket and make sure the strip light is long enough. Tear off the glue on the rear of the control box and stick it to the wall surface.
    Please ensure the strip light is firmly connected with the control box.
    Tear off the glue on the rear of the strip light andthe connector. Stick the strip light onto the wall surface and press hard to make sure it is glued firmly.
    When it is necessary to bend, please try to avoid electronic components like light beads and pads on the strip light,so as not damage the strip light.
    Connect the adapter with the control box and plug it into the power socket.