Govee RGBICWW Floor Lamp Pro




Model: H6079

Experience the ultimate ambiance with the Govee RGBICWW Floor Lamp Pro. Illuminate your space with high brightness and sync the sound and lighting effects for an immersive experience. Elevate your environment with ease and sophistication.

  • Benchmark Lighting Experience: The 1.7-meter floor lamp contains denser lamp bead distribution. Its 300° rotatable design allows it to illuminate larger areas.
  • Synchronous Change of Sound and Lighting Effects: Unwind with 29 distinct white noise scenes. This multifunctional lamp has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, reacting to tunes with lighting effects.
  • 81+ Gorgeous Scene Modes: Choose from a variety of scenes to fit the ambiance of your rooms, which are impressive for any special occasion.
  • Art by Design: Modern meets futuristic with our LED corner lamp, designed to easily fill corners and integrate with your other home decor.
  • High Brightness: With 2100 lumens of brightness and color temperature from 2200k to 6500k, this floor lamp can meet all your lighting needs.

Please note that pairing two or more Floor Lamp Pros to the same source device for playing audio simultaneously on them is not supported. 

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Govee RGBICWW Floor Lamp Pro


Govee RGBICWW Floor Lamp Pro

A Seamless Blend of Light and Sound

Create a Bright and Colorful Home Atmosphere

Why Choose Govee RGBICWW Floor Lamp Pro?

Dynamic Scene Modes
Set your light to suit any mood
Soothing White Noise Function
Relax under soft lighting and white noise
BuiIt-in Bluetooth Speaker
Creating an immersive music sync experience
Larger Wall Washing Area
Upgraded rotating light pole with 324 LEDS
SeamIess Diffusion Lighting
54 Spot-free Color Segments

Relax Under Soft Lighting and White Noise

Sleep to Soothing White Noise
Wake Up to Sunrise
Auto On/Off
Fall asleep with our soothing white noise and soft lighting.

Synchronous Change of Sound and Lighting Effects

Syncs with Music
Set to Desired Mood
Enjoy Immersive Lighting Experience
Harmonize lighting with your favorite music for an immersive experience.

Adjustable Color Temperature

All-in-One Modern Design

High-Transmittance Acrylic
Allows lighting effects to cleanly shine through
Anodized Aluminum
Creates a solid protective coating

Easy Setup Tutorial